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Dr. Battleford is the best children's dentist I've ever worked with. The staff is great and I have never had to wait past my scheduled times. They try to cater to the children with TV's on the ceiling for the kids to watch. The doctor makes sure to visit with the parent as soon as the appointment is over. I highly recommend!

I have been going to Dr Winchester for over 14 years and he is the best dentist that I have been to. I would not want to go to anyone else.
At our modern Owen Sound Dentist facility, we have put in a lot of effort to be able to provide you with almost every conceivable dental service. For a at our oral health services, see the information provided below or check out our services section:
  1. Drill-Free, Air Abrasion dentistry
    Drill free dentistry is a new dental advancement that now allows us...
  2. Tooth Extractions
    Usually the reason for a tooth extraction is due to dental decay or...
  3. Oral Health Cleanings
    Due to the rapid renewal of cells in your mouth, your periodontal...
  4. Orthodontic Treatments
    Orthodontics refers to dentistry that works to correct crooked and...
We feel that your experiences should be pleasant and comfortable. In our Questions and answers section we provide information to help ease your mind. See more below:
  1. What can oral lubrication be used for?
    An oral lubricant can be used to ease the irritation that is caused...
  2. What are interdental cleaners used for?
    It is sometimes difficult to clean between the teeth, particularly...
  3. Can good dental care affect your overall heart health?
    C-reactive protein (known as CRP) is an inflammatory marker that...
  4. What resulting effects can stresss have on oral health?
    Stress is as bad for your oral health as it is for you mind or...
At Owen Sound Dentists, our chief concern is to supply the highest quality of oral health care with the best long-term treatment options. We want are patients to be fully informed about the all the options, so we take extra time and care during consultations to better develop treatment plans and discuss options. To empower our patients to make optimal decisions about their oral care we have such aids as photographs, diagrams, and models of treatment and procedural options.